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Welcome to the very first eKel blog

Hi. Welcome to the very first eKel blog. My name is Simon Dermody and I have worked as a child and family therapist with children and families for the last thirty  years. My new company eKel Ltd. is pioneering the design of animated story apps for kids and parents.

It is a very exciting time for us, and  I want to include you in all the news of our work as it happens, and also invite you to contribute to the blog as well.

By taking part in this regular fortnightly blog you will be able to learn more about the challenges of a parent who has children, explore key issues of emotional Wellbeing for children, and share in the fun of working with new learning technologies such as an interactive story based app.


What is Kids&Divorce (K&D)?

K&D is the  UK’s first interactive animation app for children and parents, who are undergoing family breakup and divorce. It is interactive: that is kids and parents can play creatively with its story based framework of animated characters and narratives.

Here is a taste of some of the characters and music.

Meet Katy and Dan.


They act as your chosen guides.

And here is where you start:


When you have animated your own picture of yourself , you can create your Family Circle.

In my next blog you can follow where K&D goes next!!

It has been great for me working  in collaboration with a highly talented team of child animators. “K&D” is fun to play with, and through the language of creative storymaking.
allows children and parents to share  feelings and thoughts about family events, through the language of creative storymaking.

We are having two Launch events. There are still spaces on the Bristol Launch on Saturday October 3rd. Let us know if you want to come and bring a child with you.
email me: simon@kidsanddivorce.co.uk

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