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Introducing Familysteps

Welcome to the second K&D blog – A lot has been happening over the last couple of weeks.

We’ve got a new company name and logo, attended a fascinating conference, been working on some great music and TV initiatives and have some great news about new and updated Apps!

New Logo.

Let me start by telling you about our new logo which is part of our new brand of Familysteps.


We want to show people as simply and directly as possible that all our apps and products, are about helping kids and parents to communicate in a fun way. We are about helping them grow and stay together. We are very pleased with the Familysteps logo, as we believe it says this about us. What are your thoughts? Please sends them into my blog email address: simon@kidsanddivorce.co.uk

Children’s Media Conference.

Earlier this month Tim (our marketing director) and I, had a great day at the Children’s Media Conference in London. We met lots of creative and interesting folks there, who are involved in TV, video and app design for kids and parents. They loved both our new name and our two apps and we’ve already had some very interesting conversations with large organisations about some exciting ways that we can work together – watch this space!

New Music.

We are working on some new music; a Familysteps theme for the webpage and also a Familysteps song which will be our company anthem when it is finished. We are co-writing it with a fantastic singer songwriter called Patrick Adam. We met Patrick at the CMC conference above, and he said he’d love to help us write a song.

All our music will be available from the New Year to be purchased and downloaded directly from iTunes.

Familysteps TV.

As part of our new marketing we are creating our own TV channel Familysteps TV. We are going to make a monthly programme. Each episode explores a special theme to do with children, parents and families. There will be a special guest/interviewee who is an expert on the subject. We will also be presenting features of our apps. Look out for our first episode on our Youtube channel. I will let you know when it is posted there in my next blog. Let me know your thoughts about the subjects for discussion you would like for future programmes. simon@kidsanddivorce.co.uk

US of launch of K&D.

We have recorded a fabulous US version of K&D to launch in the New Year. There are two new terrific Kate and Dan voices. Tom Clarke Hill is a great american voiceover artist who gives Dan the Guide a smooth west coast of America sounding voice. In real contrast we have a young lady actor called Tressa Brooks from VoicesPro. She is from New England and makes Katie the Guide sound like the all American girl next door!

Make My Family app.

Last but not least; from the New Year both in the UK and US there will be a new app called Make My Family available for a FREE download. It’s a great fun interactive experience for all family members, to build your own family faces and outfits. We want it to be a whole family interactive experience to improve communication, whilst having lots of fun together too. There will be lots of competitions for the Funkiest Family image or the Coolest Dad drawing with some great prizes. There will be an export facility in the app, so when you have a favourite image of yourself or mum, or sister, or brother, or dad, you can export it and post it to them; or send it as an e-card to another relative. We want you to post your favourite fun images on the new Make My Family Website. We are already planning a Make My Family Version 2, so your favourite family image can be printed on your own T-Shirt. Now we’re talking!

I look forward to hearing from you on my email: simon@kidsanddivorce.co.uk

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