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Updates and a new App to download!

Welcome to the third K&D blog.

We’ve got some great news for your in this update, including a new version of K&D, a new Free App to download and a great new partnership.


It has been a fantastically busy time for us all here at Familysteps. We have now launched both our apps, Make My Family and K&D WORLDWIDE, in both the App Store and Googleplay.This is great as it means anyone, anytime, anywhere on the planet can now download or purchase our apps on either an iPad or any Android tablet.


This is a fun family app and is available for the first 30 days as a FREE download. We want kids to be able to make animated cartoons and animations of themselves and everyone else in the family. They can then use their family pics in a variety of ways: posting them on social media like Facebook, Twitter as well as emailing them to family members. We are making plans so that very soon they will be able to link up with our manufacturer, to have their family cartoon on their own T Shirts! Find out more at makemyfamily.net


This animation storymaking app is proving incredibly popular with a whole range of people; kids, parents, teachers, therapists, solicitors. In fact all the children and adults in their different roles, involved in any way with a family experiencing breakup, divorce  and recovery.


We are pleased to announce our new online link up with Family Solicitors. They have been offering important online help and advice for the last ten years to divorcing couples seeking their way forward. They approached us as they see the true value and originality of K&D, and the new language of learning it offers children of divorcing parents.

Finally: have fun with Make My Family, and let’s see some of the pictures sent into us for a competition of The Grumpiest Dad, The Happiest Mum, The Best Self Avatar. The address to send them to is: info@familysteps.net

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