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Big App Updates and More…

It’s been a busy time for us here at Familysteps, and we’re pleased to be able to finally share some updates and news with you about our current and future Apps…

Kids & Divorce App is now Free to download!

After much work we are pleased to announce that both of our apps, Kids&Divorce and Make My Family are now free to download, with the first part of the app free to play and share with family, colleagues and friends.

Users can then purchase new additional parts of the app as an in app purchase. $1.99 per feature or $3.99 for the whole bundle of features. This has already proved enormously popular with great download numbers within the first 10 days.

Make My Family and Friends

Make My Family app has a brand new feature called Make My Friends, with lots of new additional avatar features for drawing pictures of Friends. These can then posted on social media via Photos and sent out to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

So have fun drawing pics of your family members and friends and sending them to them as a surprise for birthdays or weekends!

Sky Show

We have been invited to appear on Sky 203 which is a sky TV channel dedicated to mental health and wellbeing.

We are very excited about this opportunity to talk about the Familysteps Project, and our work with children,teenagers and parents. We will keep you posted about dates so you can tune in live or watch it later on YouTube

New App

Citizen Planet LogoAt Familysteps we have been busy working for the last 12 months on  developing our next app.

Designed for the 13-18 year old age group it is a creative coming of age app-game, where teenagers can creatively explore and discover  their personal Identity.

It has an ecological and entrepreneurial ethic which explores present and future planetary solutions to issues for the new generation…We think it is our best idea yet!

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