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Privacy Policy

Your Privacy is Important to us

Your privacy is important to Ekel Ltd (t/a Familysteps), and we go to great lengths to protect it. In the event that you provide Ekel with any type of personal information or correspondence, we will never share that information with any other party, unless we are specifically required to do so due to a public safety or legal issue, as described in more detail, below.

Contacting us

You have the option of including your email address and other personal information when downloading our apps or contacting us.

In the event that you include your email address, there could be certain times when we may use it to respond to you. For example, we may use it to answer a question you have. We may also use it to let you know about any news, events or upgrades we are launching.

Beyond that, we will never use your email address or any other personal information you choose to submit to us, to send you any unrelated or unsolicited email or ‘spam,’ nor will we ever share your email address and other personal information with any other party.

Children’s Privacy

Ekel Ltd does not knowingly collect personal information from children under the age of 13. (If you’d like to contact Ekel Ltd and you’re under the age of 13, please have a parent, teacher, or guardian contacts us for you.)

If we discover that we have been sent the personal information of a child under 13, we will take steps to delete that information as soon as possible.

Public Safety and Legal Issues

As stated previously, your privacy is important to Ekel Ltd, and we go to great lengths to protect it. However, there may be rare and unforeseen circumstances when we could be required by law or litigation to disclose your personal information.

There may also be cases in which we may disclose information about you if we determine that information you send could indicate that you are involved in a crime, or suggests that you may be a danger to yourself or any other person, or if any other issues of public safety importance make such disclosure necessary.


Ekel Ltd does not utilize ‘cookies’ to store information on our visitor’s computers or to track their information. We do use cookies as part of Google Analytics (which we use for understanding visitor numbers to this site to help us understand how the site is used by our visitors). (A ‘cookie’ is a file that is commonly used to store information on a website visitor’s computer, such as personally identifiable information or preferences specified by the visitor of the site.)

Other Websites

This website sometimes contains links to other websites and companies, that are not owned, operated or otherwise controlled by Ekel Ltd. As such, Ekel Ltd is not responsible for their content or privacy policies.

If you have concerns, we encourage you to learn about the privacy policies of the websites and companies that you choose to visit.

Privacy Policy Updates

Ekel Ltd may update its Privacy Policy from time to time. If updates to our Privacy Policy are made, we will post that updated information to this page.

Questions or Comments

If you have questions or comments regarding Ekel Ltd’s Privacy Policy, please feel free to contact us through our website.